We love great food and strive to make crave-worthy taste an everyday luxury.

It starts with quality culinary salt, rich in minerals and flavor. We add fresh herbs and spices grown by some of Colorado's best farmers and create flavor combinations that will inspire your salivary glands.

We believe that exceptional things come from partnership and collaboration. We're thrilled to support producers with high standards and a true commitment to their community.


As we kick off the Fall of 2019, we couldn't be more thrilled to celebrate a product line featuring herbs from Denver Botanic Gardens, Slow Food Denver, and Sprout City Farm as we stand in support of their shared missions to bring good, clean, and fair food to our community.

Founders STORY

I grew up in Minnesota and spent as much time as possible outdoors from May until October. That meant lakes and cabin life, but that also meant wandering hikes and a giant family garden. I laugh now thinking back on our family garden. By today’s standards, it would be the equivalent of an urban farm. I spent hours out in that garden planting, weeding, watering, and munching on raw veggies and fruits. It was the munching that I loved the most. Our garden produced more than we could eat, more than we could preserve, and more than we could give to our friends, so we sold the rest to the local grocery store.


That garden sparked the beginning of my love affair with food. I have to admit my mom was not a cook, I have more than one photo of myself eating dinner with a cloths pin or pickle grabber on my nose. In fact, I think my mom’s love for the garden was probably its simplicity. We ate the majority of our produce uncooked, unprepared, unless you count washing preparation. I ate beets like apples. I ate scallions dipped in salt. It was bliss, my favorite part of food.


Fast forward to college. I spent half of my junior year studying abroad in Vietnam. The focus of the program was culture and the majority of my coursework was completed through a master project. After only a couple of weeks in Vietnam, I decided there could be nothing more central to the Vietnamese culture than food. I spent the rest of my time shadowing chefs, home cooks, visiting markets, eating at food stalls and restaurants, and learning the stories of Vietnamese culture through it’s cuisine. My love affair with food was propelled to new heights. Still today, Vietnamese cuisine represents comfort food to me both as it relates to eating and cooking.


In my mid-20’s I hit that next major step in my relationship with food. I met the local and sustainable food movement; it was love at first sight. I jumped in with both feet. After all, it was the world I grew up with in my family garden. It brought the story of food full circle for me. I supported the Alliance for Sustainability, joined and shopped at the the food coop, became a CSA member, and planted a tiny garden in my small back yard.


In my 30’s food sensitivities popped up for my family. Perplexed I took on a degree in holistic nutrition. We ate so well, I just couldn’t imagine how great food could cause such havoc. It was clear that I needed to understand food at a deeper level. It was fascinating and transformed my relationship with food yet again. Armed with an understanding of human nutritional health, digestion, immune function, our psychological relationship with food, the brain gut axis, and more, I was prepared again to savor the food experience in a new way.


In 2013 the ball dropped out completely. I developed a sensitivity to garlic and onions, but not just garlic and onions, to the entire allium family. Wow, that was a blow! As a foodie, deeply immersed in building community around the dinner table (not just at home but also in my career) it was devastating.  Eating became a challenge. At home I had to relearn to cook. I couldn’t rely on the ubiquitous flavors of garlic, onion, shallots, leeks, chives, and scallions to make crave worthy taste, I had to branch out and tap into my creativity. I leaned on my training in holistic nutrition to rescue me. Luckily I had spent years reading cookbooks for fun and analyzing recipes for taste, experience, and health. The trickiest part was the need to scratch make just about everything. It turns out, I am not the only one who uses alliums to quickly answer the flavor profile. 


As I rebuilt my cooking tool set, I found some incredible answers. I began to tap into flavors that we don’t think of daily. I began to utilize the secrets that chefs engage to surprise and delight eaters and I found a way to bring them into the everyday to make a predominately scratch made diet of gourmet mouthwatering meals without sacrificing time to live the rest of my life as a brand and marketing strategist, board advisor, mom, and community builder.


It was this journey that became the inspiration behind NUM. NUM is my commitment to share my creations for your benefit.


Weather you are an allium free eater or not, I hope you’ll enjoy the culinary exploration. I invite you to allow NUM to spark the next love affair in your relationship with food and health.


In Radiance, 

Kristine Root